3D Scanning & Design

3D Scanning and Design Services for Custom and Collector Restorations

At Hahn Auto Restoration, we understand that some collector cars have had a hard life. Some may have been wrecked or even repaired incorrectly in the past, causing issues for owners now. To accurately diagnose the problem and identify which parts of the car may be the issue, we have implemented 3D scanning into our extensive wheelhouse to continue providing our clients with top-quality service.

We are always looking for ways to provide top-notch service to our clients and stay ahead in the automotive restoration industry. In 2014 we began to use 3D scanning and design as part of our shop’s operations, prior to Ferrari’s use of 3D printing which didn’t begin until 2017. We are proud to offer these services to our fellow car enthusiasts, car clubs, race teams, restoration shops, and customizers.

Full Body 3D Scanning for Accurate Vehicle Restoration

Accuracy is key when it comes to restoring a vehicle, especially for a full ground-up restoration. Although some damage may be obvious, it can be challenging to find which parts may be bent or damaged that could be contributing to the issues with the vehicle. 3D scanning allows us to get a more accurate diagnosis of the car, so that we can more accurately return the car to its original shape. We also use it to compare damaged panels to undamaged panels, and make mirror copies of parts when an opposite side
part is missing or damaged.

When a car comes in that has had a hard life, we can use 3D scanning technology to identify exactly what the issues are and where the repairs need to be made. This also allows us to check the contour and profiles of full ground-up restorations to ensure they are correct to factory specifications.

Our 3D scanning process is done using a FaroArm laser scanner.  The arm passes around the car, scanning the entire body for a detailed view of the vehicle’s condition and gathers highly accurate measurements for realignment.  This type of scanner allows for large areas to be scanned without spraying a white film on the car, or adding target points which less accurate systems depend on. When it comes to incorporating cutting edge technology with old school restoration, we are at the head of the pack!

3D Scanning and Design for Fabrication of Hard to Find Parts

When it comes to many replacement parts for collector cars or custom vehicles, they are not readily available, no longer manufactured or are impossible to find in good, working condition. At Hahn Auto Restoration, we always believed that if someone made the part before, we could repeat that action again.

In keeping with that belief, we offer reverse engineering services for unobtainable or hard to find parts that are often needed in our restorations.

For the process of reverse engineering, the part that needs to be produced is first scanned and then a design is generated. This design is used to produce the part in the appropriate material through the 3D printing process or traditional manufacturing methods depending on the part. At Hahn Auto Restoration, customer satisfaction is our focus, so we work with select partners to bring you quality 3D printing services for difficult to find parts.

Contact us today to learn more about our 3D scanning and design services and how we can help you with everything from producing unobtainable parts to a full ground-up restoration!

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