Dear Bill,

Richard shared the letter you sent with me, and I just wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness. It meant a great deal to him, believe me. Next came the photo book which actually brought tears to my eyes and to his I suspect. We appreciate not only the expert work done on our car, but also your efforts to find a suitable (and worthy) buyer. In the end, it was little sad for both of us, but clearly the time had come to part with that wonderful machine. But I do hope the sale of the Mercedes and our move will not be the end of our relationship with you. You and Richard have been friends for a long time. Happy and Healthy New Year.


Your crew is impressive.


I cannot believe the marvelous gift. The clarity and views have not only a craftsmanship quality but those of a creative artist. I cannot thank you enough. Nancy and I can not express our appreciation- except to say thank you.

Richard Clark

You have really done miracles with the body. I had no idea that it had taken the beating it had over the years and in all that racing. Many thanks and my best to the guys.

David Frankovich

I am the owner of a 1966 GTO, which I purchased with the intention of having it restored to its original condition. In 1994, I delivered the car to Palermo Auto Body Shop for the purpose of having the restoration work commence. I was familiar with the restoration work done at the body shop. I was also familiar with the reputation of Bill Hahn, who does restoration work at the shop. He was in complete charge of the restoration work, which was being done from the ground up. He did all of the research work and ordering of the necessary parts down to the original nuts and bolts to achieve the objective of restoring the car. Through his determination and research necessary to achieve this goal, my car was finally completed. I have received numerous awards and trophies at car shows for the work done on the car. I also was awarded a perfect score of 400 points out of 400 at a recent POCI Car Show. I think that speaks for the work which was done by Bill Hahn.

I am an avid fan of muscle cars and in the future I would like to restore a street rod. With the outcome of my experience with Bill Hahn, I certainly would have him do the work on any future cars I may have restored. Bill is a thorough and energetic person who is familiar with all aspects of restoration work.

I do believe there is a need for a more expanded body shop to restoration work in this area. I do not believe that a regular body shop can achieve goal. I also believe that the market is good for restoration work. Some people may not go to the extreme that I did, but I do believe there are many people who are interested in having this work done. In fact, my brother is now in the process of having some restoration work done on his 1965 Corvette. Restoration work is becoming more prominent in this area, but you also need to have dedicated and thorough people who can achieve that goal. With the experience that I have had with Bill Hahn I certainly would recommend him to anyone interested in having restoration work done. I speak from experience.

William Price

Dear Bill

Now that I have had a chance to show my car since you completed last summer’s restoration project, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a job exceptionally well done! At every cruise or show that I have displayed the car, it has gotten rave reviews -- many knowledge car enthusiasts have told me this is the “the best ‘55 Chevy they’ve ever seen.” One person who has judged ’55-’57 Chevy’s for 16 years told me that my car would easily win a “Platinum award” in a national Chevy meet. In judged competition, the car has won7 first place awards, 2 second place awards and 1 third award. And finally, in the one show that was “participant judging”, I finally beat a red convertible, which isn’t an easy task for a 2 door sedan to accomplish.

In my opinion, there is a lot more to doing a top quality restoration than simply repainting the car, having chrome redone, installing new upholstery, etc. The true difference between standard restoration and one that’s top quality is the level of research that goes into obtaining accurate assembly information, correct original or reproduction parts, special touches such as frame markings or quality check markings, etc. That result in the car looking exactly like it did the day it rolled off the assembly line. Certainly the level of skill and research that you put into the accuracy and quality of my car’s restoration are without equal- it is fare too rare today to find someone like you who take’s the level of pride in the quality of their work that you do.

William Heid

This letter of recommendation will discuss my relationship with Bill Hahn regarding his car restoration capabilities. I have thrown away all my files and have to rely on my memory, so no dates can be provided and details will be lacking. But one thing I can assure you is that my confidence in Bill to plan and perform a total car restoration could not be higher.

It all started when a beautiful and fun Austin Mini Cooper S sustained some fire damage and it became necessary to return to the shop that repaired my Porsche years earlier and was well known for its quality work. There I met Bill who was in charge of their restoration business. He discussed fully all options available for repair of the Mini. Bill took the car apart, carefully loggings his actions. He kept me well informed of his progress along the way and always asked my approval at each step where there were options available. After consulting me about different types of paint and their advantages and disadvantages, he proceeded to paint the body. At that point it came back to my garage for my work to put it back together.

Bill’s advice and work throughout the project were impeccable. He even recommended cadmium plating of important parts. I wish I had the foresight to allow him to finish the job, but I sold the car before I was able to spend the time to put it together.

So in summary, Bill was in total charge of the restoration from the beginning. If the need would arise for similar work, I would call Bill with out any thoughts of going elsewhere - and I have already recommend him to others. His knowledge of the detail work and the business in general exceed my needs and expectations.


Thanks gents- Loved seeing the car and your great work.


Thanks to all the staff for attentive service.


Thank you again for bringing the family heirlooms back to life.


To the wonder workers of great vintage automobiles. Few groups uncapable of accomplishing a near miracle from off load day in late august 2002 to the transactions of the group in the past few days. I am most grateful and I am sure a great hand was guiding us all.


I am happy to report that I got my first Jr. Award at the Annual Grand National show held in Dover,Delaware. Once again I want to thank both of you for the wonderful paint job and hope to see at one these shows in the future.

Glen F.Chatfield

Willian R, Hahn is an outstanding automobile restoration expert. The first project that he did for was a total restoration of my 1966 Dodge 426 Hemi convertible. The project started in 1980 and concluded in early 1983. Shortly thereafter, I entered the car in Pittsburgh Annual Custom Car Show and won 1st place in the Post WWII Convertible category.

In 1993, Bill completed a partial restoration of my 1983 Porsche 928. This job included a very special Green/Pearl Black paint job the results of which are far superior to the original Porsche factory finish. Bill does it all and is the best restoration expert I know. Both of these cars are still in my collection, and you are welcome to inspect his work first hand if you like.

George M. Zapp

William R. Hahn did a complete restoration of my 1957 Ford Thunderbird. I consider his workmanship and knowledge of authentic restoration to outstanding. He is a perfectionist in his work. I was very pleased with the final result and received many compliments from T-bird aficionados.

If I ever purchased another vintage car, I would certainly want Bill to do any restoration required. I would also confidently recommend bill to any of my friends considering restoration work.

I cannot quantify the size of the vintage car restoration market in Southwestern Pennsylvania. However, there does appear to be a growing interest in fine vintage cars in this area judging from the number of entrants and attendance at the Annual Vintage Car Grand Prix, and the growing interest of the “Baby Boomer Generation” in vintage cars.

I spent considerable time looking for a dedicated restoration specialist for ’57 T-Bird and consider Bill Hahn to be the best in the area.

Geraldine A. Kerna

I was introduced to Bill Hahn in the spring of 1996 when I visited Palermo Auto Body in Wexford, Pennsylvania, to discuss some work I wanted to have done on my 1971 Pontiac GTO. Shortly thereafter I took the GTO to Palermo’s shop for some minor improvements. As Bill Hahn’s talents and abilities became evident,I embarked on a full restoration project. I am elated with the results; the finished product is an incredible vehicle. Bill does an excellent job when it comes to customer service. The restoration of the GTO spanned many months and required numerous decision on my part. Bill maintained frequent and appropriate contact with me. He explained the situations that required my attention, presented alternatives and gave his recommendations. I found Bill to be extremely patient as I requested detailed explanations and specific information throughout the restoration process. Bill’s knowledge with regard to automobiles and restoration work is extremely impressive. In addition ge us very resourceful and maintains a good network of contacts. The quality of Bill’s work is outstanding. His attention to detail and meticulous actions are reflected in all aspects of his work. Bill’s enthusiasm for his profession made dealing with him a pleasure. I am extremely satisfied with the restoration of my 1971 GTO. I would recommend Bill Hahn to anyone seeking a truly exceptional restoration.

Bob Affleck

I am very please and excited to see the progress that has been made over the past few weeks, and also the care and quality that you are putting into the work. Again, many thanks for your help and kindness.

Richard Clark

I have been working with the auto restoration shop of Hahn and Woodward in Harmony,PA, a small rural town in western PA. Bill Hahn is the principal on my 300 SL Roadster, 1957. Another so-called restorer had worked for three years. I switched to Hahn and Woodward because of poor results from many errors of judgement, knowledge and execution. Bill Hahn has thoroughly research the reconstruction of the 300 SL and his work will match any of the well known restorers on the East and West coast. I recommend this firm, without reservation, to anyone with a valuable car that needs total restoration.

Dennis Cestra

Thanks to you and you staff for putting the car into great condition


Thanks to you and all of your team who worked on the car. As you know, the care means a lot to me, and I sincerely appreciate your working so hard to make it right. Thank you

Michael K

Top of the class in restoration

Neal J

Great attention to detail in their restorations!

Mike P

Bill and all the guys at the shop are amazing people, and amazing craftsman!!

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