1967 Alfa Romeo Spider

This car arrived as a stalled project. It was in another shop and nothing was getting done on it. It was a good thing the owner pulled it out of that shop when they did otherwise the only thing that would have gotten done on it was more sub-standard repairs. The stumbling block for the other shop was the electrical system, it needed a wiring harness. They told the customer the harness was “not available”. So we started off with buying a wiring harness because they are available if you know where to go. We had Rhode Island Wiring make a harness for us. The owner came to the shop for his first visit and started asking questions on some of the questionable repairs on the body and paint work.  The only correct solution was to take it back down to the bare metal and start over.  We found some ares in the nose of the car where there was as much as 3/4 inch of body filler.  It was at that point that the car turned into a ground up restoration.  The customer loves his car.

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