I am the owner of a 1966 GTO, which I purchased with the intention of having it restored to its original condition. In 1994, I delivered the car to Palermo Auto Body Shop for the purpose of having the restoration work commence. I was familiar with the restoration work done at the body shop. I was also familiar with the reputation of Bill Hahn, who does restoration work at the shop. He was in complete charge of the restoration work, which was being done from the ground up. He did all of the research work and ordering of the necessary parts down to the original nuts and bolts to achieve the objective of restoring the car. Through his determination and research necessary to achieve this goal, my car was finally completed. I have received numerous awards and trophies at car shows for the work done on the car. I also was awarded a perfect score of 400 points out of 400 at a recent POCI Car Show. I think that speaks for the work which was done by Bill Hahn.

I am an avid fan of muscle cars and in the future I would like to restore a street rod. With the outcome of my experience with Bill Hahn, I certainly would have him do the work on any future cars I may have restored. Bill is a thorough and energetic person who is familiar with all aspects of restoration work.

I do believe there is a need for a more expanded body shop to restoration work in this area. I do not believe that a regular body shop can achieve goal. I also believe that the market is good for restoration work. Some people may not go to the extreme that I did, but I do believe there are many people who are interested in having this work done. In fact, my brother is now in the process of having some restoration work done on his 1965 Corvette. Restoration work is becoming more prominent in this area, but you also need to have dedicated and thorough people who can achieve that goal. With the experience that I have had with Bill Hahn I certainly would recommend him to anyone interested in having restoration work done. I speak from experience.

- David Frankovich

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