I was introduced to Bill Hahn in the spring of 1996 when I visited Palermo Auto Body in Wexford, Pennsylvania, to discuss some work I wanted to have done on my 1971 Pontiac GTO. Shortly thereafter I took the GTO to Palermo’s shop for some minor improvements. As Bill Hahn’s talents and abilities became evident,I embarked on a full restoration project. I am elated with the results; the finished product is an incredible vehicle.

Bill does an excellent job when it comes to customer service. The restoration of the GTO spanned many months and required numerous decision on my part. Bill maintained frequent and appropriate contact with me. He explained the situations that required my attention, presented alternatives and gave his recommendations. I found Bill to be extremely patient as I requested detailed explanations and specific information throughout the restoration process. Bill’s knowledge with regard to automobiles and restoration work is extremely impressive. In addition ge us very resourceful and maintains a good network of contacts. The quality of Bill’s work is outstanding. His attention to detail and meticulous actions are reflected in all aspects of his work. Bill’s enthusiasm for his profession made dealing with him a pleasure.

I am extremely satisfied with the restoration of my 1971 GTO. I would recommend Bill Hahn to anyone seeking a truly exceptional restoration.

- Geraldine A. Kerna

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