This letter of recommendation will discuss my relationship with Bill Hahn regarding his car restoration capabilities. I have thrown away all my files and have to rely on my memory, so no dates can be provided and details will be lacking. But one thing I can assure you is that my confidence in Bill to plan and perform a total car restoration could not be higher.

It all started when a beautiful and fun Austin Mini Cooper S sustained some fire damage and it became necessary to return to the shop that repaired my Porsche years earlier and was well known for its quality work. There I met Bill who was in charge of their restoration business. He discussed fully all options available for repair of the Mini. Bill took the car apart, carefully loggings his actions. He kept me well informed of his progress along the way and always asked my approval at each step where there were options available. After consulting me about different types of paint and their advantages and disadvantages, he proceeded to paint the body. At that point it came back to my garage for my work to put it back together.

Bill’s advice and work throughout the project were impeccable. He even recommended cadmium plating of important parts. I wish I had the foresight to allow him to finish the job, but I sold the car before I was able to spend the time to put it together.

So in summary, Bill was in total charge of the restoration from the beginning. If the need would arise for similar work, I would call Bill with out any thoughts of going elsewhere – and I have already recommend him to others. His knowledge of the detail work and the business in general exceed my needs and expectations.

- William Heid

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