Dear Bill

Now that I have had a chance to show my car since you completed last summer’s restoration project, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a job exceptionally well done! At every cruise or show that I have displayed the car, it has gotten rave reviews — many knowledge car enthusiasts have told me this is the “the best ‘55 Chevy they’ve ever seen.” One person who has judged ’55-’57 Chevy’s for 16 years told me that my car would easily win a “Platinum award” in a national Chevy meet. In judged competition, the car has won7 first place awards, 2 second place awards and 1 third award. And finally, in the one show that was “participant judging”, I finally beat a red convertible, which isn’t an easy task for a 2 door sedan to accomplish.

In my opinion, there is a lot more to doing a top quality restoration than simply repainting the car, having chrome redone, installing new upholstery, etc. The true difference between standard restoration and one that’s top quality is the level of research that goes into obtaining accurate assembly information, correct original or reproduction parts, special touches such as frame markings or quality check markings, etc. That result in the car looking exactly like it did the day it rolled off the assembly line. Certainly the level of skill and research that you put into the accuracy and quality of my car’s restoration are without equal- it is fare too rare today to find someone like you who take’s the level of pride in the quality of their work that you do.

- William Price

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